Marketing Goals for Small Businesses

Every Small Business Should Set Marketing Goals!

No matter the size, every business needs a marketing plan! The new year is the perfect time to update or create a new business plan. Read on for tips to help get your business noticed.
Without a marketing plan, you're treading water.
The first thing you need to do is develop yearly goals and objectives. Common goals include increasing sales or growing your business’s customer base. Whatever your goals are, set a deadline. Goals that are set to a weekly or monthly deadline are great for staying on track and getting things done.
Be S.M.A.R.T.
Using the business acronym SMART can help you reach these goals. SMART goals are designed to help you create a marketing plan.
  • Specific: What do you want to accomplish? Increase your market reach? Great! Order new uniforms for your team? Awesome!
  • Measurable: How long will it take to reach your goal? A few weeks? A month? Longer?
  • Achievable: How can you achieve this goal? Do you just need to find the time? Make a few phone calls? What’s standing in the way of you achieving this goal?
  • Realistic: Make sure the goal is realistic and can be done. Having an ad in the local paper is a realistic goal. Having an ad that plays at the super bowl is probably not realistic.
  • Timely: Come up with a realistic date to get things done. Goals are great but if you don’t set a date to get them done by then you’re just creating a long to-do list that can easily become overwhelming.
Make sure your target market is defined.
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