Frequently asked questions about web maintenance

It’s time to clean it up! But, where to start?

If you’re like most people, you’re cautious about investing in a web maintenance plan. Perhaps you’ve been burned in the past or don’t think your website really needs it. We get it. The significant time and money spent (re)designing an entire website, should last you a lifetime, or at least until a facelift is needed. Right? Wrong! 

Your website is a huge investment, and unlike your employees, it never stops working for you. It’s on 24/7, like an employee that never sleeps! As such, it needs constant updating and optimizing to perform at its all-time best, not to mention to protect it from hackers, unforeseen crashes, hosting errors, and countless other issues.

In our experience, a website maintenance plan is vital and saves you money in the long run. BUT… we also understand it is a big commitment and investment. So, with that said, we wanted to take some time to address some questions that might be giving you pause.

Q: What is web maintenance and what makes it so important?

A: When web developers talk about “web maintenance” they are really thinking in terms of an optimized, functioning, and well-secure website.

This type of services is the act of regularly checking for issues and constantly keeping your website updated, relevant and healthy. Web maintenance should be done on a consistent basis to not only help with security but also help with continued traffic growth, strengthen search engine optimization (SEO) and Goggle ranking. 

It is easy for smaller businesses to cut corners when it comes to their website. Web maintenance can easily become one of those that fail to make the list; as it doesn’t always present itself as an immediate concern or issue. But, if you invest time and money into your website, won’t you want to regularly know how it’s performing? 

Keeping a website presence well maintained and attractive is important to all companies, big and small, especially when trying to engage and retain customers. A regular site checkup is a must for keeping your business credibility online in good shape. 

Q: Can’t I build my website once and let it run on its own?

A: You could… but if you wanted your website to scream “come hack me” then we don’t recommend making a static tool. Simply ignoring or failing to notice, small issues can lead to major problems or even cause your site to crash. 

Your website needs frequent attention and should be constantly evolving. From ensuring pages are rendering well across all devices, to making sure the site is regularly backed up, to reviewing security scans, a website maintenance plan will help you get the most out of your investment. 

Q: What does a maintenance plan include?

A: A maintenance plan can include a lot of things including and not limited to:

  • Daily backups of your website,
  • Malware scanning
  • Internal/External Link Monitoring
  • Checking load speed of website
  • Fixing forms and updating software and plugins
  • Monitor and Removing Spam 
  • Analyzing website statics
  • Website security 
  • Updating and fixing broken links
  • Reviewing and monitoring your site and its data
  • Fixing user experience (UX) issues and help you improve user interactions
  • Refresh Content with keywords, Banners, and Images to improve SEO
  • On demand service and support

So let's get things running smoothly!

It’s like if you were to drive a car every day without regular tune-ups, you wouldn’t expect it to work for you long-term, would you? Your website is the same and that’s what maintenance does for it.

If you feel like your website is not in good health, this is your opportunity to make a change.  Consider contacting our web gurus at (320) 237-3695 today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help. 

At Eyecon we offer reliable and affordable website maintenance packages with no long-term contracts. We offer SEO, hosting, security and updates, backups, support, and peace of mind.

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