What’s a discovery meeting? FREE Brand Evaluation!

Discovery Meeting – Be the Hero to Your Story.

A brand evaluation is the very first step a business takes with the Eyecon team. All the magic starts with a meeting in our office, your place of business, or digitally via Zoom.

Full disclosure. We’re not here to help you. We’re here to help your customers! We want to make you look good to your clients. So, what are you struggling with and how can we help? What does your business, product, or service do that makes your customers win? How do we make you the hero in your own marketing story?

Give us just thirty minutes of your time and you’ll see what we mean by no markups, no surprises, no kidding! We’ve been here for 17 years and we’re not going anywhere. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with us. If at the end of this meeting you decide to take these ideas and actionable steps elsewhere, we will simply be happy to have helped propel you at least one step forward. You’ll leave with actionable steps to improve your marketing regardless of whether you choose us.

If at the end of this meeting you’re ready for an Eyecon partnership, we will be delighted to work with you. It’s not our goal to spend your budget. We’ll have big ideas, but right now let’s fix the biggest problems, in time and under budget.

We'll bring the coffee & creativity.

You bring yourself…

… and any print materials or marketing pieces you’d like us to see. It doesn’t cost you anything more than your time!

The Discovery Meeting

This first conversation, we’ll identify your goals and develop an action plan that works for you. We’ll help identify your strengths and define your brand in a language that resonates with your dream clients. We make sure customers not only hear your voice, but respond in ways that grow your brand and expand your market.

We will bring your vision to life through creative solutions that align with your business goals, time frame, and budget – ultimately resolving your pain points and connecting people to your brand. We’ll get you in front of your audience with kick-ass marketing and a support system that has your back. Because when you work with us, you’re joining the Eyecon community. It’s that simple.


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