Should I spend money on Social Media?

Let’$ Talk $ocial Media

Did you know that social media isn’t just sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Social media comes in many forms and also includes blogs, forums, social gaming, microblogs, and chat apps.

social media management

You may be asking yourself:

“Why should I spend money on social media?

Well, that’s a great question! According to Statista, there are 223 million social media users in the United States alone.

That's HUGE potential for business!

If you aren’t seeing great results for your business’s social media though, then it may be time to consider spending money. As long as you know who your audience is, you’re ready to go!

Paid social media helps with targeting audiences and driving sales just as much as organic social media does. With organic social media, stubborn algorithms may cause your traffic to slowly build. With paid social though, you can get more leads at a much faster pace than organic posts.

Also, the money you spend on these ads doesn’t have to break the bank! Paid social ads start as low as $1. You can also set a limit that stops your campaign from spending more money than your budget allows.

There you have it! You’re ready to start spending money on your social ads. However, if you don’t want the added stress of handling your ad campaigns, Eyecon can do it for you!


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