From the perfect logo to a full-blown crisp and creative campaign, Eyecon is your go-to creative company to develop the marketing tools that communicate your brand, your product, your image to your ideal market. Made up of a crew of agency rebels, we refuse to follow the rules.

Brand Solutions

Creating a solid Brand is more than designing a stunning logo. The importance of thinking bigger and working with clients to develop clear messages is where we start. Then... the fun begins! Our creative team designs kick-ass elements and creates a path to help you navigate through the marketing maze, positioning Your Brand for success.

Print Materials

Where to start, where to start?! Traditional marketing materials are often thought of as something from the past. The reality is “Once upon a time”, our MAILBOXES were full of coupons, flyers, and promotions... today our INBOXES are full of the same. We strategically blend a variety of print materials into your marketing plan (and your budget) to maximize visibility in all areas so that we can get in front of your target market and expand your brand.

Online Services

Oh, the ever-changing digital world! It’s true, once you venture down the path of Social Media, SEO and even Web Development you’d better have your Marketing GPS along because the direction is sure to change! There are many things to consider when navigating the digital world. Our team guides you to the right platforms, with the right messaging that produces results.

Environmental Design

Go BIG or go home! Is often what our clients think when it comes to vehicle graphics, tradeshow displays, or the many different types of banners and signage. That’s not necessarily true. When you think outside the box and get creative with ideas and solutions you can make a big splash in a little pool...


It is a fact, people love free stuff! An investment in anything and everything you can put your logo on goes a long way. Think about it, there are people in offices all around town, drinking out of your coffee cups, using your pens and they think about your company every time they use that sticky note. Or those t-shirts you just gave away are now walking billboards for an audience you haven’t even met.... yet.