Rejuv Medical


Rejuv Medical is a health and wellness company with locations in Waite Park and Edina, MN. Among their list of many services, they provide orthopedic and sports medicine, functional medicine, physical therapy, fitness and nutrition services, and esthetics. 

Their mission is to provide well-rounded healthcare that aims to tackle healing at the whole body level with “integration and optimization of healthy overall lifestyle changes and movement patterns.” 

We’ve partnered with Rejuv since 2010, and have experienced many organizational changes with them in the past decade.

Addressing the Problem


Rejuv Medical has their own internal marketing department that handles their day-to-day marketing needs. Originally, their services were split between two locations: a weight loss & performance center and a medical clinic. Eventually these services would combine to the single Rejuv Medical we know today in one location that offered comprehensive care for most health and wellness needs.

Their business split between two locations and subsequent move to one caused a disconnect in communication which resulted in a lack of a unified brand voice with too many cooks in the kitchen.

They needed an outsider’s perspective to look at the big picture and act as an extension of their pre-existing marketing team. This is where we came in.

Our Solution and Process


The first step in helping Rejuv was to listen and understand the problems they were having and then formulate a well-rounded and step-by-step plan to get them on track. The (mis)communication and lack of a unified brand identity that was happening between their two locations needed to be addressed, and thus their internal marketing structure needed to be streamlined. This meant an update on their logo, with new business cards and other stationary to match, and a new set of rack cards to promote all of their programs and services regardless of the location they were offered at. 

As time went on, and they combined their locations into one, and even expanded to a second location, Rejuv partnered with Eyecon from time to time to get some fresh eyes on projects as well as to take some of the workload off their marketing department’s plate.

The Takeaway

Sometimes, in order to see the full picture, you need an outsider’s fresh perspective. That was exactly the role we filled for Rejuv Medical’s marketing over the last decade of partnering together through their many phases of growth.


  • Logo / Rebrand
  • Internal marketing structure
  • Programs / awareness
  • Stationery
  • Rack Cards
  • Flyers
  • Promotion / events
  • Apparel