Marketing Packages

At Eyecon you’ll benefit from marketing professionals who have extensive experience in real world marketing. From branding and campaign development, to social media management, to web design, development, SEO, and SEM; all our marketing services are crafted with your specific business needs in mind.

Our digital marketing packages are completely customizable to flow with any stage of your business.  The first step is always a discovery meeting, where we’ll learn more about your objectives, goals, and needs. Marketing is definitely not one-size-fits-all, so our plans are flexible and interchangeable depending on your needs and desires.

First, here’s an intro to our package lingo. Click on any to read clients’ stories and experiences within those package levels.



ENOUGH is perfect for start-ups and budget-savvy entrepreneurs who want to make a difference to their bottom line. We’ll get you up & running with the basic tools, more than ENOUGH to establish a digital presence.


You have a marketing budget, and you don’t want to blend in or play it safe, but you’ve tried a few tactics that are just not working for you. Your business is established, but your marketing strategy needs an EXTRA boost.


For great minds who think beyond the likes, EPIC is for driven brands who command love and loyalty. You are highly motivated to expand your business and establish your company as an EPIC master of your industry.


EYECONIC is geared towards trendsetters. For those who want to push boundaries and totally dominate their industry, we offer obsessive attention-to-detail with the highest standard of the EYECONIC experience.

Brand Identity Packages

Your brand is arguably your most valuable asset. It’s not just designing a killer logo. It’s not a checklist that gets you from point A to point B. Your brand is your business’s personality, and it’s always growing and evolving.

That personality, or brand identity, is what builds customers’ relationships and loyalty to your company. We’re here to make sure those customers, potential clients, prospective employees, and affiliates connect to your story in a meaningful, trackable way.

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Social Media Packages

The secret to social marketing is simple. Provide valuable content that your audience actually wants. Then, be visible! 

We’ll make it easy to show up where your customers are searching, and help transform the way you do business. Use more delivery platforms to reach more people and build meaningful relationships via useful and relevant engaging content. Invite, don’t interrupt!

Web Design Packages

Your website is where all your audiences learn what you do, how you do it, and who you work with. Potential customers may not choose you based on your site alone, but they’ll dismiss you immediately if your site sends the wrong message. 

We’ll help by determining your most valuable content, which will spearhead our search engine optimization research so we can get you in front of the right audience. A stellar website doesn’t just tell who you are and what you do. It should also generate and nurture potential new clients. Better digital experiences are proven to drive sales and organic traffic.

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SEO Packages

Use our expertise to create conversations with the right people, the kind of folks who can reach their goals using your offerings. A delighted customer becomes a promoter of your business and advocate of your brand.

We’ve all heard of brand loyalty; we’re here to help you discover and nurture those professional relationships that will mutually benefit all parties involved.

Web Maintenance Packages

Monitoring your website’s overall health and performance is critical on many levels. A better performing site will not only delight clients, you’ll rank higher in search engines simply by ensuring your site functions well.

Our design and development team regularly checks for issues, errors, and updates. We’ll keep you safe from hackers and spammers, and keep you off Google’s sh*t list!

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