Marketing for Budget-Savvy Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

ENOUGH is perfect for businesses who want to make a difference to their bottom line. We’ll get you up & running with the basic tools, more than ENOUGH to establish a digital presence.

Meet Mason

A Young Career Professional

Mason is branching out to open his own accounting firm. He knows his passion. He loves working with numbers. He loves helping people. He doesn’t know marketing. In fact, he is such a left-brained thinker that his right brain really struggles with coming up with anything creative. But he knows his numbers, and like most new business owners, budget is a concern.

Mason’s discovery meeting begins with a few direct questions to get him thinking about fundamental business decisions. We start by learning a bit more about Mason and his business. We want to learn what brings him in for a discovery meeting, but more importantly, where he sees his business five years down the road. 

Then we let him know a bit more about Eyecon, our team, what we do, and why we feel it is different than other agencies. We take a look at some actionable items and see if it makes sense for us to work together moving forward. How does that sound?

We look at marketing solutions that will help him develop consistency, a solid identity package, and a consistent set of creative tools in his tool box. Mason decides he is ready to move forward with beginning marketing steps, as his timeframe and budget allow.

Mason's New Start-Up Needs...

Brand Identity
Logo Development, Brand Sheet, Business Cards, and a Full Logo Suite

Web Development
Brand New Responsive Website

Social Media Basics

Local Networking Opportunities
This part is free priceless!

Starting at $2,900
Monthly Budget of $250


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