Going BIG and BOLD: The Benefits of Large Format Advertising

Make a big impact in today’s competitive marketplace!

In a world of ever-shrinking attention spans and overwhelming amounts of advertising, sometimes going BIG is the only way to get your message across. Large format advertising is a great way to do just that. With its ability to command attention and create a lasting impression, this form of advertising is increasingly becoming a popular way to reach consumers.

What is large format advertising?

Large format advertising is a large-scale advertisement of a brand that uses graphics or images. These graphics or images are print or digital designs, typically displayed in public areas and places with vast traffic, such as highways and major city roads. Large format advertising is an effective way to grab attention and communicate a message quickly and easily.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to using large format advertising to showcase your brand. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can reach a larger audience. This is especially true for outdoor advertising such as yard signs, billboards, and vehicles, which can be seen by drivers and pedestrians alike. Unlike other traditional advertising methods, large format advertising:

  1. Have a huge visual impact. More effective at getting people’s attention because its big graphics are visually stimulating, and can be seen from a distance.
  2. Is cost-effective. Forget high prices and large quantities, large format printing does not require large orders.
  3. Has longevity. No more faded posters or trashed flyers, large formats have longer “shelf-life”, so you get to put them up and keep them up


…just to name a few.

metro bus wrap

What are some best practices when designing for large format?

When it comes to using large format, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • First, make sure that you target your audience correctly. Large format advertising is most effective when it is highly targeted, so make sure you know your audience inside and out.
  • Second, make sure your advertising is visually appealing. Large format advertising is a great way to showcase your brand’s product and services.
  • Third, make sure your advertising is engaging. Large format advertising can be a great way to create a powerful visual message, but make sure that the message is engaging and interesting to your audience. By following these best practices, you can create a successful large-format advertising campaign that will reach your target audience and generate results.
retractable wide format banners

How can you use large format advertising to reach your target audience?

Large format advertising and marketing can be used to achieve a variety of goals, including increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and selling products or services. By using the right mix of tactics, you can create an advertising and marketing campaign that meets your specific needs and helps you reach your business goals.

One of the best ways to use large format advertising is to create a billboard or other outdoor ad. Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach a large audience quickly and effectively. You can also use large format advertising to create indoor displays, such as in-store signage or banner ads.

When creating a large format advertising campaign, it’s important to consider your target audience and what will appeal to them. Utilizing eye-catching visuals and a clear message can help you stand out from the competition and reach your target audience.

How much does it cost?

The cost of using large format advertising used to be expensive, but thanks to the digital revolution, they have been less costly and more effective when trying to reach a wider audience. In fact, statics show that large format advertising such as billboards costs 80 percent less than television advertising, 71 percent of consumers often look at the messages on vehicles, buses, roadside signages, billboards, sidewalks, yard signs etc., and four out of ten biggest billboard spenders are tech companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, and Netflix).

If you have an idea in mind and would like to know how much it will cost you to invest in large format advertising,  email us today at info@eyecongraphics.com to get a quote.

The rundown

Large format advertising is simply not going away. In fact, it is here to stay and becoming increasingly popular and effective with every passing year. As more and more types of media become disrupted by the Internet and social media, conventional advertising techniques are being forced to evolve. Large format ads are making a clear comeback, and many businesses have taken notice and have begun to see their value as well.

So if you’re convinced that this form of advertising is right for your business, contact us and let’s make it happen!

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