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For those who want to push boundaries and totally dominate their industry, we offer obsessive attention-to-detail with the highest standard of the EYECONIC experience.

Meet Scott

Owner of a Large Electric Company

Scott employs a staff of over 30 hard-working individuals and his team is well-developed with all the right people in all the right places. His sales team attends networking meetings and is involved within the community to help with sales and brand awareness. 

He not only has a General Manager but also has a Human Resources Director, who both help manage marketing strategies and their internal marketing team. Everything they are currently doing is working and making them money, but after setting new goals they noticed that they have outgrown their current team and they don’t have the budget to internally hire employees to fill those roles. 

Scott is looking for a clear and creative marketing strategy that aligns with their new goals, makes them competitive within their industry, and also finds new ways to get in front of their target markets. 

They need a team that does all things marketing! Eyecon will bring Scott’s vision to life through creative solutions that align with his new business goals, time frame, and budget. 

Scott's Business Needs...

All Things Marketing!


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