Marketing for Small Business LLC's and Nonprofits

You don’t really want to blend in or play it safe, but you’ve tried a few marketing tactics that aren’t working for you. Your business is established, but your strategy needs an EXTRA boost.

Meet Amy

An Established Business Owner

Amy’s business has been around for 5 years. When she opened her boutique she had a designer work on her logo, a friend help her out with her social media, and has been spending money on some very random marketing efforts. She has adapted to the Spray and Pray method.

The good news is that her presence in her community and networking groups has grown her business to a level that her current marketing efforts just don’t cut it anymore. There is little consistency, and in fact she isn’t even sure if she can find logo formats for us to work with. She is frustrated because she knows she’s been spending money on marketing but has no idea how much. Even worse, she has no idea if it’s working.

We invite Amy and any key team members to join us for coffee and a conversation about the boutique. After general background information about the business, we ask them to fill us in on what marketing avenues they’ve tried, what they felt worked and what didn’t. More importantly, we ask some questions about business development. Is there a shift in the industry, or maybe location? Did they grow their team and expand on what they offer at the boutique? What seems to be the best sales funnel and are there areas they’d like to see growth?

We identify the challenges and the areas of opportunities for growth. Now we get strategic, and give Amy action steps and recommended phases that will work within her time frame and budget. 

Amy's Business Needs...

Logo & Identity Refresh
Messaging, Brand Sheet, Design Elements for Consistency

Website Evaluation
Keyword Analysis, Competitor Research

Social Media Plan
Idea Board, Content Calendar Template

Traditional Media
Print Materials to Fit Audience

Starting at $4,200
Monthly Budget of $550


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