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Meet Amanda

Owner of a Successful Construction Co.

Amanda and her marketing team have been hard at work building and growing their brand for their very successful construction business. Amanda is excellent at managing her team, but at times it seems like not all marketing parts are coming together or playing in the same space. She has Joe helping with their social media, and Brad helping her develop some leave-behind pieces for their current clients.

They have a decent presence on social media, but their content seems to be a bit bland and isn’t generating results for their DIY classes and industry focus. Likewise, their leave-behind sheets don’t tell the same story and aren’t doing a good job of cross-selling their services.

It’s great to have team members that like to help, and even better, a budget to work with! However, lack of consistency in the brand, and no plan set forth for team members to follow can be harmful. 

Eyecon’s action steps start with a full overview of all current marketing efforts, followed by a strategic plan to incorporate new USPs for consistency in multi-media campaigns.

Amanda's Business Needs...

Brand Development
Messaging, USPs, Campaign Development

Website Update
Site Evaluation, Keyword Analysis, Competitor Research, Content Creation, SEO Implementation, Site Migration

Social Media Plan
Idea Board, Content Calendar Template

Traditional Media
Print Materials to Fit Audience

Starting at $5,500
Monthly Budget of $800


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