ECig Lounge


ECig Lounge is a vape shop and lounge located in Waite Park, MN. “Education is our goal. Your success is our passion. Quitting is just the beginning.” ECig Lounge’s goal is to reduce their customers’ nicotine intake by first getting them off cigarettes, then progressively reducing their nicotine intake from vaping until they are not smoking at all. ECig Lounge is adamant and passionate about working to eliminate their client base.

Addressing the Problem


ECig Lounge’s biggest goal was to establish themselves as an industry leader. They needed to develop resources to normalize and destigmatize vaping, provide vaping education, dispel myths about vaping, and garner support and representation for vaping-related legislation. Amongst these big goals, ECig Lounge also needed updated branding as well as new printed materials that supported their goals.

Our Solution and Process


To address the need for a refreshed look, Eyecon updated ECig Lounge’s branding with a revamped logo suite as well as new stationary such as business cards and rack cards.

In order to establish ECig Lounge as an idustry leader in education and government legislation, Eyecon developed and executed several multidisciplinary marketing campaigns for both print and digital formats that encouraged quitting cigarettes to switch to vaping. We did this by using taglines such as “Trash the Ash” and “Share Clean Air” to highlight the benefits of vaping versus smoking cigarettes. 

Eyecon also assisted in ECig Lounge in developing a study about the medicinal benefits of vaping, creating collateral to both recruit participants and record the data recorded.

The Takeaway

We do so much more than just make shiny new logos, we partner with our clients to make workable solutions to their individual pain points, and that includes looking at the big picture to develop a business as an industry leader.


  • Helped set up a study to establish medical / research basis for vaping
  • Printed materials

» Rack cards
–  More power to you
–  Based on general ‘about you’
–  Government & law education
–  Dispel myths
» Business Cards

  • Print advertising
  • Campaign development & execution

» Billboards, posters, social media
–  Just flippin’ do it
–  Trash the ash
–  Share clean air

  • Social media
  • Vaping industry tragedy PR

» Press release letter
– New education
– Updated business cards with tips/education about vaping on back