Free Social Scene

The number one thing we hear in marketing when it comes to social media is: "I don't know what to post on social media!" Well, the digital pros at Eyecon are here to help. We love social media and have the tools to help your business get noticed! This month we’re providing FREE Social Scenes!

How to Reach My Target Market

To reach your target market, the first thing you need to do is define your target audience. We talked about that briefly here: in our article “What’s my Target Market?” Take a minute to read this blog if you haven’t already!

Are you ready for Trade Show Season?

Expos are coming back! Are you prepared? If not, now's the perfect time to start planning. Eyecon has the resources to get your business ready for expo season. We've got wide format solutions for businesses of all sizes! And to help you go big this season, if you spend at least $300 on trade show materials...

SEO Best Practices

How to dominate search engines! A basic understanding of SEO best practices will help your content rank higher for search engines and also help potential customers find your specific services or offerings.

What’s my Target Market?

Finding your target market is a very important step in any marketing strategy. Without understanding your business's target market you would have a hard time with creating effective advertising and branding strategies. You’re basically throwing money into the wind!